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Kimberly Dods

Pam Golding Properties Hyde Park

What are your top three secrets to success?

1. Work smart/network, network, network

2. Balance yourself between work/sport/play

3. Patience, perseverance, never give up

What is the one thing you wish someone had taught you or told you when you first started out in property and why?

Never to be desperate to do a deal. Accept the wins and the losses gracefully.

What is the most vital business tool that estate agents should have at their disposal in today’s market and why?

A good sense of humour and an iPad. Being able to put your clients at ease and make the whole buying and selling experience a fun one.

Do you remember the first property you sold? Please tell us about it.

A friend asked me to sit a show day for her. I didn’t really want to sell houses, but agreed. I sold the house that day and earned some commission and made it my mission to change the market’s perception of estate agents.

What advice would you give to new kids on the block about making a success in their career in property?

Find the best in the business. Work for them, for free if need be. Learn from them and hang onto every word they say. Knowledge is king.

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