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ooba Home Finance App

The data for download and usage.

Love it: ooba has developed an application to simplify the home loan application process for homebuyers and the real estate agents. The app provides a host of calculators that are simple and easy for consumers to use for calculating bond repayments, home affordability, additional home loan repayment, bond and transfer costs, deposit savings and amortisation (the total interest paid on a home loan). It also allows consumers to pose questions to an ooba home finance expert. Real estate agents can use the app to send the details of affordability, costs and various other details to the interested buyer in real time. It can also be used to digitally prequalify candidates for a home loan. The ooba app is available for Apple and Android users.

Nothing not to like: the app is clear and easy to search for, is free to download and has great ratings.

In a nutshell: It appears as though everything can be done or solved with an app these days, which rings true in the case of ooba’s home finance app.



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