Market Buying into Steyn City’s Pedestrianised Lifestyle

Market Buying into Steyn City’s Pedestrianised Lifestyle

The interest shown in the newly launched Steyn City Lifestyle Resort has seen 50% of the first freehold stands released in phase one and 90% of the 93 flats released in the new show village being sold at the weekend of 14–15 March 2015.

Sales and Marketing Director Seamus Moore says: “This equates to R700m in land and build sales in the opening week alone, revealing just how strong market appetite is for this first-of-its-kind property development, where pedestrianised living is at the fore of the design and the public has access to ready-built product and can view the infrastructure investment up front.”

Steyn City Properties CEO Giuseppe Plumari adds: “The market has now spoken and more than endorsed our unique offering of pedestrian-style living.” Despite the almost overwhelming initial response, Plumari reports that Steyn City will continue to exceed potential homeowners’ expectations by quickly responding to the attention it has received.

To achieve this, the Steyn City Properties management team is analysing the data from the sales achieved during the opening weekend, the outcome of which will determine how best to structure future phases of development to meet the demand. This will see the announcement of new off-plan offerings in the next few weeks to potential buyers and investors.


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