Why Video is Vital in Property Sales

Why Video is Vital in Property Sales

A property is the most significant purchase that most people will make in their lives, and video is playing an increasingly important role in that purchase.

Prospective buyers undertake extensive research on properties and the areas they are interested in before they commit. Video is a great way to satisfy this thirst for information, as it offers an immersive view of an area and allows the viewer to ‘experience’ a neighbourhood.

This is one of the reasons for Private Property’s recent foray into neighbourhood videos. Video is a great medium for storytelling, and their emphasis has been on the story of each neighbourhood: a local describing life there, drone footage giving an overview of the area, and lifestyle highlights. The 2015 Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast and Methodology predicts that by 2017 up to 70% of consumer internet traffic will be video.



The power of video tours in property listings is only going to increase. Currently, prospective buyers can get a much better idea of what a property looks like if there is a virtual tour, as they can “walk through” the rooms in the property as they would in a show house – except this show house is open 24/7! Private Property reports that properties with virtual tours get more views than regular listings and achieve a higher listing score, so they feature higher up in the search results.

The bottom line? Video is here to stay – especially in the property industry.


Words: Bridget McNulty


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