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World wide winner

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International Best Real Estate Agent, Debra Maddocks of Tyson Properties scores a hat trick in London

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Winner of three of the most sought-after titles in the property industry, the prestigious International Property Awards 2016 Best Real Estate Agent, South Africa, and Best Real Estate Agent, Africa, and, announced at a gala event at the Savoy Hotel in London on 12 December, the Best Real Estate Agent, Internationally, Debra Maddocks’ achievement is as much a win for South Africa as it is for herself and Tyson Properties.


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Now in their 25th year, the “World’s Best” awards, run by the International Property Awards aim to recognise excellence in the property Debraindustry worldwide and promote an international standard.

A delighted Maddocks put her achievements down to care, commitment and gutsy determination.

It took her three interviews and a leap of faith to secure her first job in real estate. Even then the principal told her she was cheeky. Little surprise, as with no experience whatsoever, she’d begged for the opportunity, promising she’d “walk” if she didn’t make a sale in her first month.

Besides her “World’s Best” awards, Maddocks is a driving force in Tyson Properties Westville offices, where she not just “owns the hood” in which she works, motivating and empowering those working with her, but was also recently awarded Tyson Properties Top Estate Agent countrywide for the fourth consecutive year, Top Supporting Metro Agent and Top Agent, Westville.

Classified by the former apartheid government as a woman of colour and coming from a previously disadvantaged background, Maddocks thinks it was precisely these roots that drove her. “Born and schooled in Sydenham, Durban, my parents divorced, and I moved a lot during these years. I think my passion for property comes from my childhood and my desire for a secure family home.”

Maddocks is never far from her humble beginnings. “Care is such a small word, but it’s so meaningful. If you care about the people around you – your clients, your colleagues, your team – it will be a win-win situation. To be a successful agent you can’t worry about money. If you care about the people around you, the money will come.”

Throwing herself into numerous community causes including charities, Rotary events (receiving a Paul Harris Award for commitment) and the Westville Cares Fun Day, which she initiated, Debra bonds with the people and communities around her as she gives back through time and service while building her business as it happens.

“I don’t think of myself as an agent, but rather as a business and a business that must stand out.” Maddocks is fervent about marketing, setting time aside to plan her campaigns and strategies, publishing her own monthly newsletter, running notable competitions, and using a wide range of printed and social media to excellent advantage.

Says Maddox: “I believe in motivating and uplifting those around me, and enjoy working in a team. My team changes all the time though, I take the interns in the office, and those agents who feel they are struggling, and work with them until they have wings to fly on their own.” Maddocks personally flew two of her team members to the National Association of Realtors congress in Orlando in November this year. “I wanted them to experience what it’s like.”

“I totally buy into Tyson Properties commitment to transformation which both empowers agents from previously disadvantaged backgrounds in a way that prioritises women, and ensures that staff are proportionally represented in relation to the South African demographic.”

Next step for Maddocks? Hello Ballito she says! “I need a new challenge and Ballito it will be. After five years with Tyson Properties I will become a partner in the Ballito branch in 2017, and am looking forward to throwing heart and soul into that community too.”


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