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The Art of Capturing Property

Capture Video Productions is barely a year old but the company is already bringing property buyers and sellers a real-life viewing experience with their video and photography skills.

Why did you start Capture Video Productions?

There is a great need for digital content creation – it’s all about information and taking that information to the viewer. Buyers and sellers expect to find professional images and video of properties online these days, and the content must be convenient and compatible with all devices. Many won’t attend an actual viewing until they’ve seen images and video. With video the viewer can click a single button and get all the information he or she is looking for. Estate agents are experts in selling property and we believe that providing them with a video production service will free them up to focus even more of their attention on what they love doing – selling properties.

Who are Capture Video Productions?

We’re a passionate group of digital media consultants, editors and co-ordinators who love what we do! Our job is to bring buyers and sellers a real-life experience by using photography and videography skills obtained over many years of experience. Producing quality products is important, but to us, customer experience is fundamental.

What makes Capture Video Productions unique?

Capture is the largest video production company in the South African real estate industry. We offer a unique, scalable, high-end video production service on a national level. Consider this: the circumference of the earth at the equator is about 40,030km. Our digital media consultants drive about 50,000km a month, which means they travel one-and-a-quarter times around the earth every month to produce 80 videos, plus photos, every day. We’re experts with years of experience and a deep familiarity with the industry. Capture takes care of the digital content so our customers – estate agents – can focus on bringing in their next mandate.

What kind of content can you produce?

A scalable solution is our HD Walkthrough Video plus HD Photos which communicate the flow and layout of a property and can be used on the agent’s own website as well as on property portals such as Private Property. Our High-End Video product is an upmarket, professional video of a property that gives the audience a sense of the flow, with the core focus on cinematic shots representing the best aspects of a property.

And from February 2018, our HD Walkthrough videos will include aerial footage to add even more value to the online viewing experience. We also offer virtual reality with Matterport – the world’s leading 3D property showcase that provides buyers from around the world a best-in-class digital view of the property.

“Producing quality products is important, but to us, customer experience is fundamental”

Email or call 087 095 3357.

The Capture website is under construction and will be live soon.

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