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Watch: Tom Ferry on the art of selling

What makes agents more successful in securing sales? It is becoming skilled in the ‘art of sales’ says Tom Ferry, considered on the best real estate educators in the USA.

It is hard to succeed in the competitive real estate industry. This is true whether you are in the States or in South Africa. Ferry says thousands of people leave the real estate industry after only a few years because they haven’t acquired the necessary sales skills.

Making it in the property industry requires of you to be a strong sales person. If that is where you feel you need improvement, their practical approach to skills training can greatly help you improve.

As Ferry and his friend coach Bill Pipes explain in this video tutorial, acquiring skills in sales is to your advantage as it saves you time and money. Firstly, skilled people are able to do more with the time at their disposal. Secondly, they also save money on marketing, because they know what to say and how to say it, so they don’t waste money while doing lead generating.

Together Ferry and Pipes developed a practical plan for agents to upskill their marketing technique in less than 30 days. Key to the plan is to learn how to do an effective listing presentation, the skill that matters most now says Ferry and Pipes.

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