When property is in your blood

MAIN IMAGE: Seen at the Jawitz Properties Achievers Awards are, from left: Eskel Jawitz (Chairman of Jawitz Properties), Norma Robinson and Herschel Jawitz (CEO of Jawitz Properties).

Writing property deals with a total worth of more than R1 billion is no easy task, yet this is exactly what two women with Jawitz Properties succeeded in doing. One of them, Norma Robinson, was willing to share how she keeps motivated.

Being an estate agent is in the blood of the women in her family. Robinson’s mother, Lorna Moss and her aunt, Natalie Rosenberg, both worked for decades in the property industry, retiring only late in life at ages 78 and 84 respectively.

Robinson joined them while they were at Aïda after the birth of her daughter because she believed this would give her the freedom “to be a mom as well”.

After Aïda, all three joined Pam Golding Properties where they stayed for nine years. Her mom and aunt then opted to join smaller agencies, but after meeting Eskel Jawitz, founder of Jawitz Properties in 2004, Robinson decided this was where she wanted to be.

“Once I’d met and spoken with Eskel, I decided that with his wisdom and integrity, Jawitz would be the right company for me,” says Robinson.

Since she joined them, Robinson succeeded in writing property deals in excess of R1 billion. She is based at Jawitz Properties Sandton in the Johannesburg North region.

Writing so many property deals is no easy task, but Robinson says she always keeps the end goal in mind and uses the skills she has to make it work. “If you can’t negotiate…RUN! This is the most important skill in a sales environment; it’s your greatest asset!” is her advice.

Secondly, she believes an agent should reward her or himself after every sale. “Every sale makes you a hero and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I work as hard as I can to live the life that I want to,” Robinson explains.

Her hard work and success were also seen and acknowledged by her agency – she received the Agent of the Year award six times.

At the recent Jawitz Properties Achievers Awards that took place in Johannesburg and Cape Town, CEO Herschel Jawitz announced the launch of a Billion Rand Club for agents who’ve written business of more than R1 billion since joining the agency.

Besides Robinson, only one other agent, Joan Mendelsohn from Jawitz Properties Dunkeld, also in the Johannesburg North region, was named as the first members of this exclusive club.

“Joan and Norma are proven leaders in not only the Jawitz Property group and in the industry, but also in their communities which they’ve have served for a number of years. We talk about knowing the ‘ins and outs’ of every neighbourhood and this achievement is a strong testament to that statement,” says Herschell Jawitz.

When asked how she feels to be one of the first ever members of Jawitz Properties’ Billion Rand Club, Robinson says, “I feel incredibly proud to have reached this milestone and it’s great to be recognised. I must say though, that I’ve achieved it with the help of my team, because success is always a team effort. We strive to maintain our reputation at all costs because when all is said and done, it’s all you have.”

After 26 years in the property industry, Robinson is thankful for the opportunities being in the industry offered her. “I’ve been able to earn a good living as an estate agent, I’m very thankful for that,” she says.

Her daughter Romaine Buchalter has since joined her, so the family legacy seem set to continue.

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