‘My passion is people and property’ – René Bekker

‘My passion is people and property’ – René Bekker


‘My passion is people and property’
– René Bekker

Five years ago, Rene Bekker left the corporate world behind to ‘change the real estate industry’ and today she has six agents working with her in her own agency in Richards Bay.

This former branch manager for a well-known insurance broker is an entrepreneur at heart. She actually also started her own short-term insurance company which later merged with the big players again. Rene says she thrives on providing an authentic and exceptional service that leaves a lasting impression. So, when she thought the service that she received from estate agents wasn’t as she envisaged it should be, she decided to enter the real estate industry with a view to change it through real compassion, passion, competency and ethics.

Today she has her own agency, Rene Bekker Properties situated at the renowned Tuzi Gazi Waterfront in Richards Bay. The team consists of six agents working in the Richards Bay, Empangeni and surrounding areas and they are also branching out to Ballito.

Honesty, transparency, empathy and total professionalism matched with the best possible sale price through superior negotiation is what drives her.

1) My journey in property

My real estate career started with myself being a buyer and seller. I started my career with Pam Golding Properties and stayed with them for three years until I successfully completed all the required qualifications and earned principal status MPRE. My background in the corporate industry instilled a productive and positive work ethic in me, which I still abide by to date. My passion is people and property.

Marketing is my forte, I pride myself in building a concise strategy for each client, ensuring their property receives the correct approach and exposure in order to fulfil their expectations when selling their most valuable asset. I love property and envision opportunity in every listing, I share that vision with my clients.

I hold a diploma in both marketing and business management; and am currently pursuing my degree in psychology. Furthering my studies and growing on a personal level through education is an additional passion of mine.

2) Three lessons I’ve learned

* The harder you work, the luckier you seem to get!

* Take nothing personal; real estate is a tough industry to be in; and you must firmly stand your ground in an assertive manner, always with a great understanding of people; and our differences.

* Nothing great is ever achieved on your own; we need each other, in more ways than what we sometimes realize.

3) Advice to share

Knowledge is power; and obtaining your necessary qualifications under the right mentorship is key. If you have a passion for people; and a great understanding of our diverse culture, you’re halfway there. Always remain true to your word and consistent in your actions. I am a firm believer that if people like you, they will talk to you – however if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.

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