‘Success comes with hard work 24/7’ – Jo-Anne Strydom

‘Success comes with hard work 24/7’ – Jo-Anne Strydom


‘Success comes with hard work 24/7’
– Jo-Anne Strydom

It is August, national Women’s Month, so this month Property Professional will focus on some exceptional women in the residential property sector. One of them is Jo-Anne Strydom, one of SA’s few remaining independent assessors and moderators – well-known to many agents and agencies.

When former teacher Jo-Anne Strydom decided to make a career change and become an estate agent in 1994 there was no formal training for agents – “you literally just had to have your own car, a nice personality and a cell phone (and register with EAAB), and you could sell,” she recalls. Despite her success as an agent, she felt there was a need for some form of training and started developing her own training courses. From there her path led to later being appointed as training director at IEASA Gauteng North for two years, and then training manager for a big agency in Centurion.

When the new education regulations were promulgated in 2008, she was already an independent assessor and moderator. Jo-Anne became project manager at one of the leading accredited service providers, joined another one, and then continued independently as JAS Realty Training. For the past 11 years, she has been actively involved with the training of estate agents and she does contract work for most of the leading franchise groups.

One of only a few independent assessors and moderators left in South Africa for real estate, she stays on top of the latest changes in educational requirements by closely working with the education department of the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) and the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA).

1) My journey in property

I was a teacher at a high school in Gazankulu, and when we moved back in 1994, I felt it was time for a career change. The agent, that sold our house to us, suggested that I come and work for her. I decided to give it a try, as I thought I could easily “manage my own time” selling houses and coping with a family and two babies (a total underestimation of course).

Within my first year I sold 28 houses, and was constantly under the top three agents in the agency. The earning potential was great, despite the hard work, but due to my background in education, I felt there was a huge need for training of new agents entering the industry. In my second year I started developing my own training courses and the rest is history. I also uphold my FFC with the EAAB and comply with all their requirements to stay on top of things.

2) Three lessons I’ve learned

* You wake up “jobless” every day, you need to create new business all the time, and you never “arrive”. It’s similar to a snowball effect, your career only gains momentum the longer you stay in the industry, and then you need to maintain that. It never stops – 24/7.

* You must be professional always and stay on top of your game. Don’t let other agents or industry changes or new legislation hold you back – the only constant we have is change!

* Real estate is not for everyone. It is a very hard fluctuating career. You are never certain of any deal up until registration. Not everyone can handle the emotional, physical and financial roller coaster and still stay positive and polite with every client and with every deal.

3) Advice to share

My advice to all strong, professional, hardworking ladies of any age who consider real estate – the potential for growth and a career path is immense! The income potential has no limits, but it comes with very hard work. With perseverance, patience, constant hard work and the right attitude, real estate can open a new world for you and your family. The best acknowledgement for me, is to see how someone, who completed my training, opens her own agency within 2-3 years. Seeing such personal growth gives me reason to continue.

This paid feature is part of the Property Professional Special Feature for Women’s Month August 2019.

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