‘Not an easy job but the rewards are worth it’ – Vicky Goslett and Amanda Cuba

‘Not an easy job but the rewards are worth it’ – Vicky Goslett and Amanda Cuba


‘Not an easy job but the rewards are worth it’
– Vicky Goslett and Amanda Cuba

Vicky Goslett and Amanda Cuba fill two of the top management positions in one of the biggest real estate franchises in the country, RE/MAX of Southern Africa – coming from very different backgrounds, together they make a formidable team.

1) Our journey in property

Vicky Goslett: I joined back in 2002. The receptionist had resigned and my mom and step-father, who started RE/MAX in Southern Africa in 1995, asked if I’d fill in temporarily. I never thought I’d work at RE/MAX but this brand has a strange way of luring you in and getting you to fall in love with it. Seventeen years later and I’m still with RE/MAX, working alongside my husband, Adrian, for 14 of them! From receptionist, to a PA, to membership co-ordinator, to marketing manager and now chief marketing officer and co-owner – it’s been a great ride and I haven’t looked back because I love the brand and the people with whom I get to work. The passion is tangible.

Amanda Cuba: I worked myself up from the humble streets of Gugulethu to acquire a BBusSc (Hons) from UCT. I filled various business analyst roles after graduating and later formed a diversified investment and management consultancy group called ZCAPITAL in partnership with my sister, Yolanda Cuba. On behalf of ZCAPITAL, we then concluded the 45% BEE deal with RE/MAX Southern Africa at the end of 2014. Thereafter, I assumed the role of chief operating officer for the region.

2) Lessons I’ve learned

Vicky Goslett: Firstly, I’d say always be grateful for what you have and don’t take your situation for granted, as things can change quickly. Secondly, treat people with respect and how you’d like to be treated.  Lastly, I would recommend having a dream board. Keep focused and you can achieve great things!

Amanda Cuba: The women in my life gave me the belief that I can be anything that I wanted to be. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy that has proven helpful in this highly competitive industry. Also, having lived in many places while growing up (I attended eight schools by the time I finished high school) taught me that change is a constant part of life that one has to embrace. This lesson has been incredibly helpful in the ever-changing property market in which strategies need to be constantly adapted and reworked.

3) Advice to share

Vicky Goslett: If you’re passionate about people and seeing them realise their dreams, then join RE/MAX. I’m fortunate enough to see agents of all levels reaching their goals and achieving amazing results by matching people to their dream homes. With RE/MAX, you are able to earn maximum commission and have flexibility with your working hours so that you can be present with your children if that’s a requirement.  Yes, it takes a lot of hard work and effort, but the reward is definitely worth it.

Amanda Cuba: This is an industry that embraces women, with the majority of the real estate professionals being female (roughly 60%). Invariably, it is important to select an office where the principal is passionate about helping agents develop. The 12-month internship programme provides on-the-job training where the support of the broker/owner is crucial. This is a commission-based business which requires one to have some tools of the trade to be successful. It requires an individual who enjoys serving customers and the right attitude to deal with the complexities that you are faced with in transactions. It is not an easy job, but if you focus on providing a great customer experience, it can be extremely rewarding financially.

This paid feature is part of the Property Professional Special Feature for Women’s Month August 2019.

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