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Optimise video listings during lockdown

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As an agent, you know your prospective buyers did not decide to move to a new house or province overnight. They’ve been contemplating this change long before lockdown and they are all living in the hope that they can soon continue with their plans.

While in limbo, they are spending much more time online, expanding their initial search for the perfect home, weighing up even more options than before.

The beauty of your existing property listing video lies in how it facilitates the understanding and communication of information about a living space. How you share the information to improve the likelihood for igniting conversations and sparking curiosity, is what will get your property noticed.

However, prospective buyers are always comparing agents to one another. You have to differentiate yourself from your competition, you need to create a ‘better edge’.

During lockdown your video listings can work as a permanent semi-open house for all the properties you’re trying to sell.

All it takes is a slight lift out of your comfort zone. Capture HD media in partnership with Private Property South Africa is here to help you do exactly that.

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Christian Fourie, CEO Capture HD Media

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Capture HD Media CEO, Christian Fourie, explains further: “In our joined efforts with Private Property South Africa to assist property agents during lockdown, we have adapted our new Open House Video product so you can add the ‘better edge’ from the comfort of your home”.

He says agents who currently have an HD video package with Private Property can now upload a self-recorded voice-over to all existing walk-through video listings on CaptureIT, at no extra charge.

Capture HD Media will also add an exciting “open house” intro to each video.

Ready to change your listing video into a semi open-house tool?

View an example video clip of the end-product and easy step-by-step guidelines to

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