Proptech makes safe property management possible

Proptech makes safe property management possible



Proptech makes safe property management possible

Contactless inspections and tenants filing their own maintenance reports are made possible through the powerful combination of property inspection software ‘Property Inspect’ with market-leading online maintenance system Fixflo.

“Combining Property Inspect + Fixflo makes the perfect solution for inspections and maintenance management. Combined, we are the most effective property management solution for maintaining and safeguarding rental properties,” says David Hutchison, Sales Director at Property Inspect.

Traditionally, rental agents need to use three products: a financial reporting and tenant vetting system, inspection software and a way to manage repairs. The integration of an inspection software programme with an online maintenance management system, automatically creates a huge saving for rental agents.

Secondly, during the current pandemic with the lockdown and the slow return to normal, the combination of these two products empowers rental agents with remote management tools to allow automated, self-service tenancies… “where your tenants (or third party) can produce contactless reports and log issues with their property all via a web browser or mobile device,” he says.

This means this is not only a short-term solution for the current lockdown but will also be of great value during the coming months as an effective way to avoid social contact as much as possible. David warns ‘tenants performing their own inspections should really be a response to the current crisis and demand for social distancing, rather than a long-term alternative to traditional inspections’.

Hutchison explains their initial goal was to elevate the quality of the inspection industry in South Africa. “Everything followed from there. Tools that solve problems, save time and reduce disputes were the goal. But that is not enough. You need to educate and support agents in the rental industry.”

David Hutchison

David Hutchison, Sales Director Property Inspect

That led to the launch of the Property Inspect Academy – an online training portal – focused on one thing – inspections.

Lastly, at Property Inspect they also believe in an interconnected world where rental agents can hand pick the right solutions for their business and use them in an integrated way. “That’s one way to create some IP in your business! That is why we have integrated with Fixflo – a leading maintenance and tenant issue reporting tool and openly publish our API’s,” ends Hutchison.

Putting the safety of agents and tenants first

Fixflo online repair software

Fixflo has fundamentally changed how repair and maintenance issues are managed in homes and places of work. Their smart software solutions help property managers to exceed customer expectations because of improved efficiency while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.


  • Reactive repair reporting
  • Works order management and automation
  • Contractor certification management
  • Tenant self-service helpdesk

The seamless integration of two software programmes means you get two valuable easy-to-use tools for one price. How does the integration work?

  • Within a Property Inspect report, you can identify and tag a specific repair and add photos, which generates an ‘Issue’
  • When marking the report complete, issues will automatically transfer to Fixflo
  • Fixflo users can track the issues in the workflow management tool
  • You can use Fixflo to produce work orders and assign issues to staff or contractors to complete
  • When done, you will have a full audit trail with historical timelines and events logged for evidence and compliance

What does it cost?

There are two options available, monthly or an annual account. The combined cost for both software platforms is R1 499 / month or R14 990 annually. Customers must arrange for separate billing accounts for Property Inspect and Fixflo respectively. This is done in case the customer eventually only requires one system.

The features of the combined package include the following:

  • Unlimited inspections
  • 500 properties included
  • 5 inclusive users
  • Unlimited client logins
  • Phone & email support

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For larger limits or additional features please contact David Hutchison at Property Inspect to discuss your requirements on (021) 201 1142 or email

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