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Let’s ENGAGE, 2023!

MAIN IMAGE: Johann van der Merwe, MD of WeconnectU


The start of a new year is always a great time for goal setting. At WeconnectU, our goal for the year is to ENGAGE. We’re rolling this theme out in our own operations, but also using it as a guide to help you, our clients, achieve even greater success in 2023.

Let’s take a look at how you can join us in embracing the ENGAGE mindset (with our help and solutions, of course), and the rewards you can expect to reap along the way.

ENGAGE with your clients

Today’s trustees and investors demand a far more sophisticated skillset than the community administrators and rental agents of the past. (That’s why we use titles like Property Managers for those managing communities including Body Corporate and HOA’s, and Asset Managers for those managing rental portfolios.)

We know that – using WeconnectU – you and your teams are not just meeting but exceeding the demands of these new and highly specialised roles. That’s why our first ENGAGE goal for 2023 is to help you make sure your clients know that too.

How do we plan on achieving that? By empowering you with our solutions to help your clients:

  • See the full scope of what you do through complete transparency and real-time reporting.
  • Understand the outcomes/effects of your service through sophisticated asset performance reporting focussing on the KPIs trustees and investors really care about.
  • Experience WOW moments at every touchpoint, thanks to the responsiveness, professionalism, seamless communication and intelligent reporting WeconnectU enables.

What does this achieve, you might ask? That one’s easy.

You see, clients who fully understand your value are clients who fully value you. That means more recognition, more respect, and more willingness to pay professional-level fees for professional-level services.

In other words: ENGAGE with us and say goodbye to pushback on fees in 2023!

ENGAGE with your business and your teams

WeconnectU is the only consolidated software ecosystem that includes all three property management solutions (rental asset management, community management, and inspections and maintenance management) under one roof.

Used together, this creates an optimal environment for:

  • Seamless interdepartmental collaboration and teamwork
  • Ultra-efficient workflows with zero duplication of effort
  • Full transparency between all stakeholders
  • Effortless KPI tracking for the ultimate management experience

Our 2nd ENGAGE goal for the year is to help business owners make the most of these capabilities in order to spend more time working ON their businesses instead of IN their businesses. In other words, ENGAGE where your skills have the greatest impact, safe in the knowledge that your teams are fully capable of handling day-to-day operations.

For some, this will mean ENGAGE-ing with us to enhance your existing use of our solutions. For others, it could mean exploring opportunities to expand into more of our ecosystem, unlocking the full benefits of a consolidated solution.

Regardless of how you get there, achieving an optimal level of internal ENGAGEment can deliver some extraordinary benefits (as many WeconnectU clients have already discovered). These benefits include: happier, more motivated teams with lower risk of burnout; greater scalability through optimised workflows and skills deployment; and lower overheads thanks to more efficient use of human and technology resources.

ENGAGE with WeconnectU

Do we want to help you ENGAGE with more of our solutions in 2023? Of course we do – a huge part of WeconnectU’s power lies in its consolidated ecosystem. That said, our ENGAGE goals go much deeper than just product level.

We aim to ENGAGE with all our clients on a business level as well.

We may be a software supplier, but we see our role as far more than just building cutting-edge technology. We see ourselves as partners, collaborating with our clients to identify emerging challenges, create innovative solutions, and support positive change in the industry as a whole.

To achieve this, we encourage all our clients to ENGAGE with us on every possible level. That includes:

  • Making use of our customer success resources to ENGAGE fully with our solutions
  • Leveraging our industry insights to make more informed strategic choices about your operations and business models
  • Approaching us with your challenges so that we can work together to find sustainable and value-adding solutions
  • Joining our movement to create a more resilient, professional, valuable – and valued – property management industry

Let’s take the wheel, embrace change, and propel our industry to the next level in 2023. Together, we can shape the future, and turn property management into the powerhouse we know it can – and should – be.

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Join us at ENGAGE 2023

Our ENGAGE goals are all about taking action. We’ll be getting that ball rolling at our ENGAGE event on 17 February 2023.

Join us for:

  • Game-changing insights from our panel of industry experts
  • Ground-breaking talks to help you excel and be the change you want to see
  • Eye-opening discussions unpacking key themes and challenges for the upcoming year

Exciting strategies to make 2023 your most compliant, manageable, scalable and profitable year yet!

Register by clicking below:

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