Why did you decide to pursue a career in property?

Buying my own home got me interested in the property business. I discovered a hidden passion for property (I was always very curious about other people’s homes!) and becoming an agent seemed to be an ideal way to dovetail the desire for a great career with my fascination for property.

What do you find to be the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of the job?

Dealing with people from all walks of life is both challenging and enjoyable, and educating both buyers and sellers on the property markets and managing their expectations is challenging. Time management is also a challenge – juggling business commitments and family time.

What characteristics, in your opinion, make for a great estate agent/broker and why?

You must be a people person – being an estate agent is about building relationships with people. Once a relationship is built and a trust is formed, it becomes much easier to sell property. Agents must be able to ‘sell themselves’ in order to be successful. Excellent negotiating skills also help. A good estate agent must be willing to learn and absorb information in order to educate the buyers and sellers on the current market trends and conditions.

What are some of your career goals?

To mentor younger agents and to maintain a good standing with all my current (and prospective) clients, and to be known for my excellent service. I would also like to continue to achieve a place in the top 10 within my company’s yearly achievement positions.

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