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Birgit du Plessis

Why did you decide to pursue a career in property?

I worked for many years in sales and marketing in the tourism sector and have developed good problem solving skills. I closed many challenging deals doing business around the globe. The exhilarating experience of negotiating contracts has always been my passion. Once I decided to quit the corporate world, what better way to do what I like doing best – close real estate deals!

What do you find to be the most enjoyable and the most challenging aspects of the job?

The most enjoyable aspect of my job is to negotiate and close a sale for my clients and to see the relief on everyone’s face once it is done and their guard comes down. Also, I find it very rewarding to play a small part in people’s lives when making life-changing decisions. The most challenging aspect of my job is good time management and to create a healthy work and life balance. It is also difficult to really care and not to become too emotionally involved at the same time.

What characteristics, in your opinion, make for a great estate agent/broker and why?

A great broker has excellent listening skills and is somebody who understands that being in sales means being proactive not reactive. A great broker has grit and exudes confidence, and understands that whilst people expect 100% service, they remember you by the small extras you do for them.

What are some of your career goals?

I enjoy travelling and I always make a point of finding out what the property market is doing in whichever country I visit. I would like to increase my network of agents worldwide and increase my foreign buyers’ sales. I want to grow my business through referrals with the result of creating a steady income stream.

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