Justin Muller

Why did you decide to pursue a career in property?

I decided to pursue a career in property as this career gives one directly proportional results, effort to reward. I also liked the idea of essentially working in my own business. My grandfather has always invested in property and my mother used to be in the industry, so I was always surrounded by the property market.


What are the most enjoyable and the most challenging aspects of the job?

The most enjoyable aspects are constantly meeting new people, developing new opportunities and being able to work as hard as I can and as hard as I want. I firmly believe that we get out what we put in. Dealing with people can be a challenge – it’s a positive aspect of the work but can very easily turn negative. I am young and my intentions are good, so I find working within such a large company, with attention to detail on a personal level, very rewarding. There is always someone to help with technical, legal and client liaison issues.


What characteristics, in your opinion, make for a great estate agent / broker and why?

To be a broker you have to be very versatile, you have to be honest, outspoken and outgoing and you have to be easy to relate to and able to break the ice in many situations.


What are some of your career goals?

My goals are to be the best at what I do – there are no limits in this industry. I want to create wealth for myself and for my clients.


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