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Glynis Cambell

Leapfrog Property Group


Why did you decide to pursue a career in property?

I decided to pursue a career in property as I am a very self-motivated person who works hard and has a love for people, and property is all about people. I had been counselling for years and felt that with my understanding of people, I could make a difference by helping the sellers I meet find a suitable purchaser, and to establish the needs of the purchasers to help them to find the perfect home they required. And by doing so, I would be able to earn the finances I needed.


What do you find to be the most enjoyable and the most challenging aspects of the job?

The most enjoyable aspect of the job is meeting the different types of people and identifying their needs, and to then be able to have them like and trust me enough to market their property in a professional way. The most challenging aspect of the job is to keep canvassing until I have enough appointments for potential sellers and, once I have received the mandate, to find a willing and able purchaser who has been prequalified to buy and then to get the bond grant and keep the contact until registration.


What characteristics, in your opinion, make for a great estate agent/broker and why?

The characteristics that make a great estate agent/broker are integrity – doing what you say you will do. To be real and honest and to listen. To be able to work the hours required and to be focused and consistent and to care about people. If you have these characteristics, sellers and buyers will trust you and you will develop a referral base and enhance the reputation of the estate agency.


What are some of your career goals?

My career goals are to help to establish the Leapfrog brand in my area by having a large percentage share of sales in my canvassing area; to meet my target of the amount of sales I need to do every month and on a yearly basis; to obtain the required number of mandates needed to do the sales; and to try to be the sales agent of the month on a regular basis.

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