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Nasima Osman

Wakefields Westville


What are your top three secrets to success?

My immediate response to any enquiry, whether from the web, SMS, email or phone. In that way, I stay in touch with my buyers and sellers. A great attitude is another important ingredient, together with the discipline needed to get stock. If you have stock, you have business. And service excellence: I want my clients to remember me in any property transaction by ensuring that I am honest, dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable.


What is the one thing you wish someone had taught you or told you when you first started out in property and why?

To save, in order to weather all conditions, and not go into panic mode when the market quietens down or if you have a few slower months.


What is the most vital business tool that estate agents should have at their disposal in today’s market, and why?

It’s important to partner yourself with a supportive brand that you’re proud to represent. Computer and cellphone: you stay in touch with buyers and sellers and can offer prompt and efficient service at all times.


Do you remember the first property you sold? Please tell us about it.

My first house was sold on my first show day at my first show house. Since then, show houses have become a big part of my business. I was ecstatic, since I was new to the business and had just left the SAPS. The house was in Reservoir Hills and sold for R750 000.


What advice would you give to new kids on the block about making a success in their career in property?

Surround yourself with other experienced agents so that you might learn from them. Always be positive, honest and ethical. Strive at all times to do your best.


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