Susan Seath

Jawitz Properties, Bluff, Durban


What are your top three secrets to success?

  1. Treating buyers and sellers with understanding, respect, honesty and genuine care is very important to me. Diligently taking them through each step of the process from beginning to end until I finally welcome purchasers into their new homes or thank the sellers for their business.
  2. The success and integrity of the Jawitz brand moves me forward daily and has been the reason for my success.
  3. Keeping lines of communication open with competitor agents in the market.


What is the one thing you wish someone had taught you or told you when you first started out in property and why?

There are often many hurdles along the way. Not all transactions go smoothly. I learnt very quickly that staying focused is extremely important in order to provide the best service to clients. This means dedicating time to smoothing, soothing and securing the road towards a mutually acceptable outcome.


What is the most vital business tool that estate agents should have at their disposal in today’s market and why?

Technology has changed the face of the property market. A smart phone or tablet that is always connected to the internet; being able to receive enquiries and emails immediately; showing clients, in real-time, properties on  the market; making quick cost calculations are the most important tools in an agent’s kit.


Do you remember the first property you sold?  Please tell us about it.

It was during the property boom – a time when families could afford a second property as a holiday home. One family in particular who always rented a beach-side holiday flat, noticed that one of these was on the market.  After I took them through, they were sold! The unit was tastefully furnished and larger than what they had rented previously.  The clincher was great ocean views with the beach on their doorstep.  I was thrilled to know that the new owners would enjoy many happy family times in their own holiday apartment by the sea.


What advice would you give to new kids on the block about a success in their career in property?

  • Choose a brand that shares your principles and values.
  • Get to know the top agents in the company and learn from them.
  • Never stop learning and keep up to date with current market conditions and news.
  • Make a great impression on your clients, and enjoy the ultimate compliment when referrals for new business come from past clients.


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