Rookie makes sales of millions without a car

Rookie makes sales of millions without a car

MAIN IMAGE: Willard Nyamagodo sold properties worth more than R15 million without a car.

Hard work, passion, learning and sound values are the secret to success, says Willard Nyamagodo, an intern who has been with the Just Property Midrand franchise for just one year and has already achieved more than R15-million in sales.

“Willard’s success is absolutely amazing in the true sense of the word,” says Brian van Wijk, principal of Just Property Midrand. “It’s a brilliant achievement, considering that he concluded these sales without a car, and just goes to show what can be realised if you have determination, ethics and love what you do.”

In recognition of his success, Willard recently received the keys to a company car from Just Property and was handed the Rookie Agent award at the company’s annual convention.

Willard Nyamagodo receives the company car from Brian van Wijk, principal of Just Property Midrand.

“Real estate is a good match for my skill set which includes problem-solving for many different people, closing deals and offering great after-sales service,” says Willard, who wanted to pursue a career in information technology but was attracted to the property industry because of the opportunities it offers.

“The career path is a quicker process, compared to other careers, and I can be my own boss. There is a high earning potential, and incentives for hard work,” says the 42-year-old. “I like that the industry is always changing and offers versatility in a work environment.”

“But I am always aware that I am assisting people through the major milestone of purchasing a property. It is a great responsibility, but if you are focused and determined to learn, you can become an expert in this field.”

Willard, whose focus area is Erand Gardens, was trained in-house by Just Property Midrand and his logbook has been approved by the Estate Agency Affairs Board. He is now focusing on studying for his NQF Level 4 qualification.

“A network of connections is important, but knowledge is power,” he smiles. “Always do whatever training is being offered and keep on top of property industry changes so you have a thorough knowledge of the applicable legislation. You must also constantly research the local housing market,” he advises others who wish to enter the real estate world. “Passion and values are important too. In order to be successful in real estate, you must have an interest in houses and architecture. But it’s not only about selling properties, it’s about making people’s dreams come true. Honesty and integrity, a problem-solver mindset and the attitude of a self-motivated entrepreneur are all essential,” he continues.

Willard says that he loves working for Just Property “because it is a company that gives its employees a chance to grow and allows them to reach their full potential. Just Property is also very good with training and they give you access to the latest technology. They provide you with all the tools that will make you a good agent so that you are able to go out there and be the best that you can be.”

“Values are important to me and because I feel I can live by Just Property’s company values, I can contribute towards achieving the company goals as well as my own.”

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  • Lindsay Goodman

    Excellent achievement Willard – Congratulations 🙂

  • Paul

    Great achievement Willard , Well done . I am sure you are aiming for R30m now
    that you have wheels . Just keep going at Just Property . Ithank you for the Motivation Bro.

  • Jana Brink

    Once again Willard, a big congratulations to a man of few words but lots of action.

  • kim

    Well done!!! I am sure you will prove to be an excellent agent who will achieve great heights of success…. It just shows you with determination you can achieve your goals and you were relentless in all the obstacles that you were given. There are many agents who sit back and moan about what is not happening in the real estate industry and having all the tools to work for them you have now proven what can be done and with hardly any resources. I say again well done to you..

  • Tess Young

    Congratulations Willard! I am also new to the Real Estate industry and thank you for the inspiration and motivation. With your new wheels, the sky is your limit!

  • Jane

    Great work and motivation. Congrats on your achievements and well done!!!

  • Bandi

    Congratulations Willard for all the hard work and the motivation you have contributed to the likes of me. When I think of the fact that presently I have no car, I get a bit demotivated and a bit anxious but with your input here I am going to push forward just like you and hope for the best.

  • Karin

    So how DID he do it without a car?

  • Denise Dingley

    Well done Willard – you are a true inspiration, aim for the stars, you can`t go wrong with such positivity

  • Chantelle

    excellent well done. I have always said if you want to you will find a way . You are a true inspiration to many agents out there.

  • Nadia Bouwer

    Well done Willard!

  • Johny

    Against all odds.Just wonder if he was white was going to reach half of the sales without a car if they ever get hired and not given a car.Just asking Just property.

  • Lizl Pretorius

    Well done Williard. You inspire us all

  • Janet Chatfield

    Such an inspiration. Wow!!!

  • Lucky Matamboye

    Welldone Willard,I know that you are aiming higher and you have shown that it’s possible by being resourceful in your own way and its paid off..congrats go get that 30 million….I am also motivated..

  • Sheperd Chikomba

    Congratulations Mr Willard Sir!

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