How to take great listing photos

How to take great listing photos

MAIN IMAGE: Make sure your listing photos are eye-catching.

Traditionally property sales start to pick in springtime, but if your online listing photos aren’t eye-catching then you might just lose out on a potential sale as homebuyers scroll by your posts. Here are top tips on how to have the best listing photos.

First impressions count. Most homebuyers today turn to the internet to search for their dream home and research shows you have only seconds to grab their attention, so make sure the first shot shows off the home at its best angle.  Make sure the view is not obstructed by cars or walls. The property should also appear well looked after – lawn or yard kept and tidy which means no toys lying around, weeds pulled, walls painted and in case there is one, swimming pool sparkling.

Create a good first impression of the outside of the home.

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Declutter and pack away. Moving inside, the seller should be made aware that to show off the property to it’s optimum all unnecessary clutter should be packed away – this includes toys, clothes, magazines etc, even the toothbrushes in the bathroom.  Also pack away appliances etc in the kitchen, especially if there are attractive features hiding underneath such as a marble top kitchen counter for example. They may be as cute as can be, but the family dog or cat should rather not be included in the shot as there are people who prefer that animals don’t come into the house.

Pack away the appliances to show off the kitchen counter.

Let there be light. People are generally attracted to bright well-lit spaces, so open up the curtains and windows (that has to be sparkling clean, of course) and switch on all the lights in the house. A great option to consider is to have a photo taken at night with all the lights on, doors and windows open, creating a warm welcoming impression of the property.

A house with all the lights on gives a warm, welcoming impression.

Weather. If the property has beautiful views, then let the listing photos be taken on days with good weather to show it off. Don’t let a rainy day spoil the chances of showing of the property to its best advantage – for some buyers the view of their immediate surroundings might be just as important as the home itself.

Beautiful views from the home are important selling points.

Set the scene. Un-staged homes don’t photograph well. Create small ‘vignettes’ in the house suggesting how the home might be used, e.g. by setting the dinner table with the best cutlery and glasses as for a party, placing a bowl of fruit or vase of flowers on the kitchen counter. Hang up new towels in the bathroom. Place a couple of pretty cushions on the couch and make up the bed with beautiful linen. Take landscape instead of portrait photos.

A vase with fresh flowers brings this lovely room to life.

Be professional. The best option is to make use of a professional photographer, but if you or the seller has to take the listing photos yourself, then try to get the best equipment to work with. This would ideally be a good quality SLR camera with a wide-angle lens and a tripod. If it has to be a mobile phone, at least set it to a timer and place it on a level and sturdy area instead of taking photos freehand.

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  • Nyakallo Morengwa

    what type of a camera or phone can be used to take photo?Is it good to take photos in bedrooms and lounge showing furnitures?

    Thank you

    • Helene Meissenheimer

      Hi Nyakallo,
      A good SLR camera like Canon or Nikon with a wide-angle lens and a tripod is a good start.
      If you have to use your phone, select one with good quality lens and that preferably give you the option to manually adjust the settings. Again use a tripod or at least a sturdy surface – don’t use free hand.
      It is good to have furniture in bedrooms and the lounge – what is important, is that it has to be neat and tidy and attractive (no toys/clothes/stuff lying around; remove broken/worn-down furniture/appliances). The aim is to show off the potential of the room. Put something eye-catching in the room like a vase with fresh flowers or pretty cushions etc. Switch on the lights and make sure windows and mirrors are spotless.
      Best of luck!

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