EAAB disappoints

EAAB disappoints

MAIN IMAGE: Mamodupi Mohlala, CEO of the EAAB.

No FFC no legal right to claim commission says the law. Unfortunately for many estate agents this is how they began the new year – unable to earn a living while still anxiously awaiting their Fidelity Fund Certificate from the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB).

Every year the timely issue of FFC’s is a challenge for the embattled regulator of the industry. Early last year hope glimmered when the EAAB’s new CEO, Mamodupi Mohlala, made it clear that clearing the backlog of thousands of FFC’s would be one of her first priorities.

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It was hoped that going forward the regulator would be able to handle the thousands of requests for FFC renewals submitted annually, as is required by law.

That was not the case.

To avoid a repeat of the previous year’s fiasco, industry body Rebosa launched an online platform where agents, who had applied and paid for their FFC renewal for 2020 by the 31 October deadline, could log their details if they hadn’t received their certificate from the regulator.

Following the response they had on the platform, Rebosa on 10 December met with Mohlala and the Chairman of the Board to determine what was being done to alleviate the problem. To their shock and dismay, they found out the backlog was worse than they had imagined – almost a third of the industry was still waiting for their FFC’s.

The CEO promised immediate action to ensure that all outstanding FFC’s to legally compliant agents would be issued before the EAAB closed their office on 20 December for the festive season. She confidently guaranteed that the job would get done.

An email hotline was set up on 17 December to help fast-track the process. Every day the office of the CEO sent out an update on the progress made with the last one on 20 December claiming that by close of business FFC’s to 30 483 fully compliant estate agents had been processed and issued. The email hotline was then deactivated.

Hundreds of anxious estate agents, who were still without FFC’s, notified Rebosa of their plight who continued engaging with the EAAB to get the certificates issued before 1 January. According to Rebosa’s CE Jan le Roux they did manage issuing certificates – even after Christmas Day. “Sadly, despite these efforts hundreds of agents (as far as we can determine) were still waiting for their FFC’s to be issued and we are doing our best to address this.”

Rebosa also discovered that agents were dealing with a whole host of challenges with regards to their FFC’s. Not only were many still waiting for their certificates, but other challenges included: firms issued with FFC’s in the wrong company name; agents issued FFC’s with the incorrect status or without having updated changes in employment; agents not issued FFC’s because their CPD payments have not been captured and allocated etc etc.

Consequently, as soon as the EAAB’s offices re-opened in January (with all staff not back from leave) efforts were resumed to engage with the CEO to get these FFC’s issued.

This week Property Professional asked the CEO’s office for comment on the situation. Chandre Prins, on behalf of the CEO responded, that by 13 January a total of 32 352 FFCs were issued to fully compliant estate agents who had paid for their renewal within the prescribed period of 1 July to 31 October. All these FFCs should be available on the EAAB portal where agents can download and print them she added.

According to the statement by Prins all the previous FFC queries sent by Rebosa had been resolved and they were currently working on a new list of queries. She also said they were also dealing with cases where agents had submitted incorrect information or where payments could not be traced.

Prins said agents who still had queries could log their requests on the EAAB portal or email ffc.complaints@eaab.org.za.

Le Roux said this week that Rebosa has provided the EAAB with a new schedule of 741 outstanding FFC queries which has been prioritised by the EAAB. “We are dealing directly with the CEO who has given us her personal assurance yet again that these FFCs will be dealt with in the course of this week,” he says.

“Industry received communication after communication of ‘mission accomplished’ when in fact many are still outstanding today,” Le Roux adds.

He encouraged agents who are still waiting for their FFCs to log on to the Rebosa website and complete the online form so that they can be assisted.

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  • Terry Wild

    We still have about 10 agents FFC’s that are outstanding from the EAAB and has been queried with then and no response has been received

    • Dries Olivier

      I think it is time that all agencies remove themselves from the board.all they do is looking after themselves.form a new body like a union,pay all the moneys into a trust account,isue acknoledgement to the agents,arrange an agreement with the board of attourneys,cut the lines to the board,and force them to close house,like being placed int a bussines rescue plan,and start a new ,maybe corruption free ,estate agent friendly company,without political interferance.

      • Hendrik Eloff-Müller

        Totally agree

  • Mike Spencer

    All fine and dandy except you don’t get a tracking number from the EAAB that is needed when making a report to REBOSA. Thanks Jan for the help. We are still awaiting our FFC and are writing every two days to the EAAB without a response. We will be OK after the end of January because if they don’t respond the new act says that it is taken that you have been issued with a certificate. The EAAB is a shambles and should be disbanded. We are trying to create employment for new people but it is impossible. The cost of joining and renewing with the EAAB is as much as one sale for many agents. The cost of training for the NQF4 is simply beyond the finances of most new agents. It is a crazy situation. Totally going in the wrong direction. We sent all our stuff on 30th October 2019 and to date have never been told why we have not been issued with our certificates. What a joke.

    • Teresa

      Hi Mike, you just have to go there. As frustrating as it is, it’s the only thing that works.

      • Les Reynard

        Not so easy when you dont live in Guateng.
        I have been asking for my FFC since July – nonsense that they say they have issued everyone – damn lie that what it is!

      • Victor

        Absolute Joke, the Board should be disbanded and placed under administration. They only have time to promote racially political ideas and agendas. They never respond to e mails, they never respond to queries logged on their system. They never tackle agents who trade without Licence and have not completed their CPD. What exactly is the point of paying them every year? I heard they took money and went to Gahna to learn how to please God! What the Hell??

  • Ryno Brand

    I paid 18 October……still waiting…..

  • Paul Davies

    Mike Spencer – just a head’s up – the new Act is not promulgated as yet, so I wouldn’t be so cavalier in promoting the clause that agents will love once the Act is in place.

  • Johan Scott

    Thanks for the update and all your effort Jan, it’s good to know that there is someone taking them on. Perhaps it’s time we considered a class action against them for depriving us of our livelihood through their incompetence.
    I did try the “complaints” address you provided but it seems to be incorrect or perhaps no longer opperative would appreciate it if someone can tell me what the case may be.

  • Richard Moore

    I have been trying for years to get a special dispensation based on the fact that i had been registered since 2000. Emails, telephone calls – no response.

  • Teresa

    We paid all the agents FFC on the 8th of October, uploaded to the site. Logged a query on the 13th of October and followed up weekly on the phone. On Thursday the 9th of January, I sat on the phone listening to the recording to lodge 3 queries at a time (that’s the maximum they can assist with),this was then escalated to finance, yesterday morning I decided to fly from Durban to JHB, I went to the EAAB and within an hour had all the outstanding allocated with the cashier and this morning was able to download them all. Why does it take going there to sort out the issue? so frustrating and expensive. I don’t see how an agent who is compliant and paid on time can be denied earning an income.

  • Chumani Milner Mabona

    I have been blocked by the EAAB due to non compliance as regards my CPD points,for the cycle 2015-2017.What should I do in order for me to to be reissued with a FFC.?
    Pease help urgently.

    • Linda

      There is a Section 27 process that you need to go through which includes paying outstanding CPD plus penalty, Affidavit and uploading it all via the portal. I suggest you follow the links on the front page of the website: CPD Disqualification.

  • Sharon van Aarde

    First time since 2003 that I have a problem getting the FFC of one of my agents. No use to phone and to be put on hold for 40 minutes or to hear that you are caller number 99 waiting to be helped. Online tracking and lodging a query also of no use – after 3 attempts the system shows that the employee (allocated to handle the query) have not even started with the online query, this is 2 weeks after 3 queries were lodged. The service from EAAB SA is really pathetic but if payments due to EAAB SA are late you have to pay penalties etc. for not being compliant. FFC was already paid on 5 September 2019!!!!

  • Lydia magagula

    I’m still awaiting my ffc

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