CPD payments and fines for late audits waived

CPD payments and fines for late audits waived

MAIN IMAGE: MP Lindiwe Sisulu, Department of Human Settlement PHOTO: DIRCO

Estate agencies will not face penalties for late audits until 31 October and fees for mandatory training are waived for this financial year.

Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu announced these concessions as part of her Covid-19 impact relief measures during her Budget Vote address earlier this week on 21 July. She said the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) will publish further details on these matters before 31 July.

The waiving of fees for continuous professional development (CPD) training and penalties for late audits are among the relief measures that the National Property Practitioners Council (NPPC) proposed to the EAAB in May to ease some of the financial pressures on the real estate sector during the pandemic.

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In response the EAAB CEO Mamodupi Mohlala referred the sector’s requests to Minister Sisulu for her approval. Read more: EAAB Covid-19 Support Measures for the Real Estate Sector

Rebosa chief executive Jan le Roux welcomes the minister’s relief measures for the real estate sector. “We are grateful to the Minister for the accommodation in this regard as it will greatly assist estate agents under the current trying circumstances.”

“We also look forward to the EAAB clarifying a number of practical issues in this regard as soon as possible, ie will payments made in respect of CPD for this year be refunded, will CPD courses still be made available for agents to complete for this year or will points just be credited instead?,” he asks.

In response to Property Professional‘s request for comments Mohlala promised to respond soon.

Regulations to PPA to be published in 2020

Another priority for the NPPC has been the completion of the regulations to give effect to the new Property Practitioners Act. Minister Sisulu said on Tuesday that these regulations will be published within this year. She added that transformation across the property sector must be insured “because we are convinced that the only sustainable path is that of inclusivity, broad participation and growth in the sector”.

Rental relief

The Minister also announced that R600 million is allocated to provide rental relief to tenants in formal affordable rental housing.

Click to read her full Budget Vote address.

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  • Steve Paul

    What happens if you have already paid your CPD fees for this year please?

  • D. Mathieson

    I have already paid my CPD for this year. Do I get a refund?

  • Victor

    The eaab was a mess long before any Lockdown!

  • Marlene

    Have also paid CPD for this year. Million dollar question if we will see one single cent refunded.

  • Penelope Gurney

    I also paid my CPD (which still fails to reflect on my profile) and want to know if I can expect a refund, or carry-over to 2021??

  • Sharon Heath

    Hi there – I agree for those that have already paid, the fees should then be carried over to next year!

  • Eileen Shepherd

    I have paid CPD Fees, R2000, which I could hardly afford, to avoid penalties!! Will those paid be refunded?? Will this payment be carried over to 2021!?? Clarification please??

  • Johan Calitz

    What are the chances that it will either be refunded or fees carried-over to 2021.
    Their systems are a total mess!!!

    Johan Calitz

  • Shelley Cameron

    I paid my CPD fees in February this year, proof of payment has been supplied, various enquiries been made online and emails sent to Lindi (she escalated the matter for me) to assist me in this regard – my CPD fees have not been allocated to me and still shows as being unpaid. I really need this matter resolved and would appreciate this being attended to as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

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