Niche opportunity for property inspections

Niche opportunity for property inspections


Property Inspect

Niche opportunity for property inspections

Property Inspections represents an exciting opportunity to niche service providers, or to existing businesses like real estate franchises that want to streamline these existing departments within their business.

So says David Hutchison, sales director at Property Inspect. Property Inspect is a unique cloud-based system and mobile app for scheduling, producing and managing inspection reports. It is relied upon by thousands of property managers, service providers and inspection businesses to increase efficiency, reduce risk, save money, increase response times, quickly handle disputes and stay compliant. It is tried, tested and trusted.

Inspections form an integral and important part of the property transaction process and reduce risk (and timelines!) for all parties. The property industry is already seeing an increased demand for property inspections with more sellers requesting reports than before. New legislation like the Spatial Planning and Land-Use Management Act (SPLUMA) and the Property Practitioners Act are also expected to add more fuel to the demand for property inspections.

“That’s why we say there really is a business opportunity in the niche field of providing property inspections,” says Hutchison.

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Inspections and property reporting made simple

Inspections are becoming vital during the process of buying or selling a property. There are a variety of property inspection reports that an estate agency may be asked to source. Think of a valuation inspection to get the marketing price right. The buyer may want a building inspection to determine any property defects before making an offer. Lastly, there are legal compliance inspections that need to be performed such as the beetle and the electrical performance inspections.

“The reports are completely customisable and available in real time to improve and speed decision-making with instant ‘eyes on the ground’,” explains Hutchison.

By using the app in the ‘new normal’ of Covid-19, the agent needs to spend less time on site, and using it allows for more social distancing. It even has a ‘self-service inspection’ which can be completed by the homeowner, without anyone else having to visit the property.

In short, Property Inspect’s reporting gives you a complete system, from client portal all the way through to price lists and invoicing. “Property Inspect is a business-critical software solution, for businesses providing these services,” ends Hutchison.

WATCH the video below to see how the software and app works.

These are some of the key features:

  • Customisable templates
  • Video recording
  • Live calendars & diaries
  • Pricelists & invoices
  • Online report editing
  • Offline report App
  • Client login
  • Instant report delivery

Examples of reports:

  • Basic Condition Report
  • Valuation Report
  • Risk Assessment Report
  • Electrical Performance and Gas Safety
  • Health & Safety Inspection
  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • Property Listing Details/Features
  • Facility Inspection Checklist
  • Entry/Exit Inspection
  • Asset Register

We’d love to chat

You are welcome to contact the Property Inspect team to find out more about how their software can help streamline and grow your business.

Contact details: or call 021 201 1142
Brian Sango – 071 064 1453
David Hutchison – 078 131 0949

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Property Inspect

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