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Get set for more smart digital agent support in 2024

Get set for more smart digital agent support in 2024

MAIN IMAGE: Candice Goldberg, Head of Sales & Marketing at The Virtual Agent


The proptech specialist committed to making estate agents’ lives easier, The Virtual Agent (TVA), is bringing its digital vision to life with an exciting roadmap of new features and enhancements on track to roll out during 2024.

With the flexibility to create its own proprietary software as well as integrate expert services from the likes of Google, ChatGPT, listing agencies and bond originators, TVA is further enhancing its single platform that agents can rely on for assistance in every phase of the property sales process.

Candice Goldberg, Head of Sales & Marketing at The Virtual Agent says: “Our vision has always been to use technology to eliminate friction and add useful information to assist agents selling property. Our Roadmap for 2024 includes refinements to existing features, plus the introduction of new capabilities. The user interface will always be intuitive and simple to use, while our engineers add layers of complexity to add relevance and meaning to TVA modules.”

What to Expect

 After rigorous testing, the capability to syndicate listings directly from TVA is now live. “As a key enhancement of the Deal Tracker, agents will be able to directly link their listings profiles to two of the country’s largest networks – Prop24 and Private Property,” says Goldberg. “Other Deal Tracker enhancements agents can look forward to are the launch of the financial module which can be used to calculate commission for mandate options and complex commission structures like referral fees and principal’s commission specified separately.”

The Deal Tracker is an end-to-end solution to track the lifecycle of a property sale through eight pre-defined steps. With a few clicks, agents can navigate from an ‘at-a-glance’ view of all their listings to adding lead profiles and listings and uploading documentation. Behind the simple graphics are links connecting detailed information at each step in the process.

“The Deal Tracker pulls various modules together and the Roadmap articulates where and what functionalities will be added,” says Goldberg. “For example, bond origination is being integrated. This will assist buyers in procuring bonds directly from within TVA. “Agents will be able to give buyers access to certain aspects of their deal. Via the portal, buyers and bond originators will be able to connect – simplifying the process and empowering buyers with first-hand bond offers,” says Goldberg.

Smooth software experience

The Virtual Agent’s Head of Product, Cuan-Lee Fayers says, “We’re fortunate to have our very own full-time engineers in-house, all working on all aspects of the systems development lifecycle, user experience and customer offerings from different angles. In cases where we don’t develop features from scratch but rather integrate ‘best-in-class’ providers, we ensure that the functionality is smoothly integrated into the TVA user experience. Everything is kept simple and easy to use.”

For example, TVA harnesses AI-empowered assistance with ChatGPT integrations for real-time intelligent content generation. Agents get help from the best to generate snappy wording to snag browsing buyers’ attention.

Later in the year, TVA will be integrating with Google Drive. As property-related documentation like photos, deeds and agreements can be uploaded and stored with each listing, having sufficient capacity to digitally store, share and manage this is crucial. Google Drive provides a safe, convenient and flexible solution.

“Our next step is to take the TVA experience into a mobile app,” says Fayers. “The dedicated application will include all TVA’s key features and give us the scope to elevate the user experience even further for estate agents on the go.”

TVA is an unaffiliated, independent digital assistant, providing valuable support to single estate agents and national property groups. “We have no exclusive links to particular agencies or service providers which gives us the latitude to work with anyone. It also means agents can trust that their data is being managed optimally with the best intentions of making them a better agent,” says Goldberg.

“Improving agents’ sales and making their lives’ easier is what drives us. With this goal as our guiding north star, The Virtual Agent provides a world-class product that costs less than an agent’s coffee spend each month. Built by specialist estate agent gurus for estate agents wanting to improve the lives of a niche industry, we encourage agents to make full use of our data, CRM and Deal Tracker modules that enable them to become the best in the market,” Goldberg concludes.

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