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Nicholas Fermor

JHI Properties, Cape Town

Why did you decide to pursue a career in property?

The property industry requires plenty of interaction with people on a daily basis – one of the main reasons I enjoy the property industry, and especially the broking side. I enjoy negotiating successful deals that suit all parties concerned. Also, there is more of an entrepreneurial aspect to the work you do. Although challenging, it can be extremely rewarding and exciting. I have always had a passion for property, and after studying towards my BSc Honours in Property Studies at UCT, I knew that I had made the correct decision.

What do you find to be the most enjoyable and the most challenging aspects of the job?

Property is a very dynamic industry, and every business has different individual needs and goals. Often, it can be quite challenging to satisfy all of those needs within the desired budget. There is nothing more satisfying than merging a landlord with a tenant in a deal that suits them both. As much as it is enjoyable, it can be equally challenging to keep both parties happy with all of the various clauses in a lease or sale agreement.

What characteristics, in your opinion, make for a great estate agent/broker and why?

Patience is the greatest attribute a broker can possess. It can sometimes be incredibly difficult when you put in hours of hard work and a client decides they are no longer moving and therefore don’t require your services. When you are completely new to the industry, you still have to build up a credible client base, as well as a few decent property listings. You have to familiarise yourself with the market and build up good relationships with your various clients.

What are some of your career goals?

I would like to get into property asset management. Property asset management involves spending money on existing property in order to maximise its value. This is an incredibly large responsibility and a lot rests on the asset manager’s shoulders to ensure the asset reaches its maximum potential.

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