Innovative Social Media Strategies

Innovative Social Media Strategies


In a world so filled with noise” – from phone calls to e-mails, websites to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more – it can be difficult to make your voice heard. That’s why more businesses, particularly online companies, are developing innovative social media strategies to differentiate them from other brands.

The importance of social media in daily interactions cannot be overestimated. In fact, for many consumers it’s a necessity. Social media allows one-on-one interaction between brands and customers, which means companies can get meaningful insight into their lives, likes and dislikes. Complaints can be responded to quickly and effectively. When executed correctly, social media can also significantly increase brand recognition and loyalty. That is, if your customers can hear you.

A recent experiment by Private Property took social media out of the online-only world by flying a giant branded banner over South Africa’s popular holiday spots. December is a quiet month in the property industry, so Private Property took their brand to where they knew their browsers would be: on holiday. From Cape Town to Durban and (in January) Johannesburg, their #searchthesky competition engaged the public and generated online excitement around the campaign. The concept was simple: entrants had to take a photograph of the Private Property banner and upload it to social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) with the hashtag #searchthesky, for a chance to win a R2,500 gift voucher. And the response, in this quiet property month? Phenomenal. Hundreds of entries, huge engagement numbers and a social media reach of hundreds of thousands.

For agents, the take-home from this experiment is that innovative social media marketing allows you to reach a wide audience quickly and fairly cheaply. From competitions to short videos and relevant photos, unique campaigns on social media show that you’re in touch with current trends and technology. That translates into a whole new audience to listen while you offer your services – and your properties.

Words: Bridget McNulty


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