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How Rebosa and the EAAB are working together

For the very first time in our history legal action became a distinct possibility. But we are pleased to report that the EAAB responded to our endeavours in earnest and in the most positive manner to date. Staff leave was cancelled, temporary staff were employed and many worked between Christmas and New Year, not to mention the overtime. We sincerely commend Mr Sigaba, Mr Sakoneka, Ms Mphahlele, Mr Khumalo and their staff for their commitment and resolve, over this period, in reducing the backlog.

Although not every issue has been resolved, we can report that as of last week, 74% of all complaints received by us and listed up to the end of 2017 have been resolved and FFCs have been issued. In 13% of the cases, Rebosa members have to forward supporting documentation, and for the remaining 13% the EAAB are still in process of issuing certificates. During this process bottlenecks were identified and hopefully permanently resolved. Subsequently our working relationship with the EAAB has never been on a better footing, and we have confidence that the remaining issues will be resolved, including new queries we received at the beginning of this year.

Take note:

Logging queries with the EAAB and Rebosa

The EAAB and Rebosa have agreed that the only way queries can be handled going forward is for all agents to first log their queries on the MyEAAB agents portal online query system. Should the system be inoperative, please forward Rebosa a screenshot proving as much, plus the query and we will address it further. Once you have logged your query, the system will issue you with a reference number for that query. If you do not hear from the EAAB and/or if your query is not resolved then you can ask Rebosa for assistance by referencing the EAAB query number you received. We will not be able to assist any members without this number and without supporting documentation, like proof of payment or a letter of employment.

IT challenges

Rebosa also used this opportunity to highlight the IT challenges that the EAAB faces and we have been assured that an external company has been appointed to compile a report on the status of the system. The urgency is fully appreciated by the EAAB and the report is due before the end of January.

Screenshots are important

There have been instances where FFC’s were available for download only to “disappear” later. We strongly advise that you download all documentation from your MyEAAB agents portal for safekeeping once such documents are available for download.

The 7-digit reference number is important

Always use your 7-digit reference number when interacting with the EAAB. The EAAB are in process to ensure that banks will not accept payments without this number. Use this number as the reference when making payments. Do not put your name or initials or any other reference either before or after your 7-digit reference number. The EAAB have difficulty referencing and allocating your payments when any other references are used, hence resulting in further delays and backlogs. The EAAB system only recognises numerical and not alphabetical references.

CPD – it’s now or never

Please remember the extended deadline for compliance is 31 January 2017. We do believe that penalties and cancellation of FFCs will follow.

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