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Roundr simplifies life for estate agents

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The app, developed over the past two years and endorsed by industry players, Ooba Homeloans and conveyancing attorneys STBB, was created by former real estate agents who saw the potential to use technology to simplify and ease the workload of agents everywhere. “We know how many time-consuming admin tasks and interactions agents have to juggle on a daily basis,” says Jansen Myburgh, founder of Roundr, “So we decided to focus on creating a tool that would empower them to work smarter and enable them to offer their clients the best value through adopting an effective and tech-forward approach.”

But what makes their app different from other technology aimed at the property sales sector?

Says Myburgh, “Most ‘proptech’ development focuses on cutting the agent out of the sales process. Roundr has taken the opposite approach and focuses exclusively on enhancing and reinforcing the agent’s role. “The simple reality,” says Myburgh “is that estate agents are an irreplaceable part of the sales process, and they need to embrace technology to improve their service offering in order to remain competitive.”

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The app focuses on optimising the relationship between agent and client by linking agents to their sellers (and optionally, other agents) in real time, to enable actions such as scheduling of viewings, post-viewing feedback, and automated reporting and record-keeping of all interactions and their content. This results in substantial time savings and a huge reduction in the number of phone calls made.

To unlock maximum benefits and efficiency, it is recommended that agents invite their sellers to download and register as a seller on the app – the app is always free for sellers. Once linked to one another, all communication between agent and seller concerning the property sale can take place on Roundr, where it is all filed securely in the cloud for future reference.

Agents can use the app for various tasks, including:

  • Scheduling viewings quickly between multiple parties with no phone calls and in a format specific to the real estate industry (listing agent always in control).
  • Communicating and sending feedback to clients – automatically stored.
  • Accessing securely stored documentation of all interactions – vital information for negotiation and potential disputes.
  • Networking with other agents in order to do referral deals on listings while maintaining 100% confidentiality of buyer and seller details.
  • Keeping track of referrals from other agents – all in writing to avoid commission disputes.
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Roundr is available for free download on both the App store and Play Store.
Users have unlimited use for 3 months, thereafter they can choose to either stay on the free version (limited features) or subscribe for unlimited use at $9.99 (+- R150) monthly. Subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Roundr V2.0, a new version of the app has just been released that is even simpler and smarter to use while offering increased functionality. The Roundr desktop app, which syncs with the mobile app, will be available in the coming months.

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