Sales associate earns half a million without transport

MAIN IMAGE: Jonathan Stuart prefers to sell property without a car of his own.

When Leon Singer, RE/MAX Living sales associate, read about Willard Nyamagodo, the Just Property intern who earned millions in commission without his own transport, he immediately thought of his colleague, Jonathan Stuart, also a sales associate.

“We also have an agent in our office that sells lots of properties and does not have a car. Jonathan Stuart,” he wrote to Property Professional. A successful agent who prefers not to have his own transport? We had to find out more. Here is Stuart’s story.

Though substantially more challenging, being a real estate professional without a private means of transportation is by no means impossible. “I get around as an estate agent simply by walking and also by making use of public transport,” explains Stuart, a sales associate at RE/MAX Living’s Milnerton office.

Having to deal with delayed train schedules and overloaded taxi’s, being in this profession and relying on public transport no doubt comes with its obstacles. “The challenge I face occasionally is clients who ask to see me at an odd time, like after 8pm when it is more difficult to make use of public transport,” Stuart admits.

However, Stuart does not allow these uncontrollable setbacks get in his way of his success as a real estate agent. Through his tenacious spirit, Stuart has been able to earn over half a million rand in commission in 2018 alone, working in suburbs including Brooklyn, Rugby and Ysterplaat in Cape Town.

“I have been an estate agent since November 2005. I started out with my late father, Douglas Frances Stuart, as a father and son team. My father was my teacher in real estate. If it wasn’t for his mentoring from the beginning, I would never have been the estate agent I am today. I also dedicate my successes to the team and broker/owners at RE/MAX Living for all their outstanding support and assistance. Finally, I attribute my success to Jesus Christ, God and the holy spirit,” says Stuart.

Jonathan Stuart (left) and his father, Douglas Frances Stuart.

But being so successful why hasn’t Stuart bought a car? Stuart says the reason he hasn’t bought a car is as follows: After acquiring his learner’s license in 2010, he was involved in a car accident during one of his driving lessons in preparation for his driving exam. The experience has since put him off driving.

For others in the industry, Stuart volunteers three points of advice: “Firstly, anything is possible, and what you put in is what you will eventually get out in this business. Secondly, my motto in business and in life is this: always try to treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself, as you will always be remembered by this. Finally, and most importantly, always be yourself.”

What do you find the hardest about being an estate agent? For Stuart it might be having to deal with public transport, what are your biggest challenges or what are the tasks you put of till last? Do share on email to

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