‘Real estate is a people business’ – Liza Gillett

‘Real estate is a people business’ – Liza Gillett


‘Real estate is a people business’
– Liza Gillett

Family is very important for Liza Gillett, principal of the Jawitz Centurion office, who is herself a mother and grandmother. For her finding the right home for the right family is what residential real estate is all about.

Whether it is getting to understand the mechanics of a racing car or how the residential real estate business works, when Liza commits to something, she goes all the way. When she started as key account manager for BOSCH SA, she was the only female and the youngest in this motor industry. Not that she was intimidated – for the first two years she was appointed as best in her field!

Liza says she knew she had to get to know the product she was working with – in this instance car engines. So, she learned how to service a car. Liza is also one of the few women in South Africa that can boast she changed the tyre of an F1 racing car in 32 seconds at a Grand Prix event. That same dedication to professionalism and the desire to understand what her business is about later helped her succeed in the highly competitive world of real estate.

1) My journey in property

A decade ago, when I began my real estate career, I didn’t sell a single home for the first six months. I then set out to discover what the potential buyer and seller expects of me … and a year and a half later I was flying. I developed such a passion for what I was doing that I bought the company I was working for. At the time we were just another start up, we needed something more to reach the next level. I looked for a brand that represented the values I stand for: integrity, honesty and commitment. This brought me to Jawitz Properties. I greatly admire Eskel Jawitz, the founder of Jawitz. He is a real human, a great coach and his 50 year real estate career is legendary.

Another personal highlight is meeting Hollywood movie stars Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone while I was working in California with my business coach JT Foxx.

2) Lessons I’ve learned

The lessons I have learned are simple:

  • be honest in all deals
  • work extremely hard
  • give the client the SERVICE they deserve for what you do reflects who you are!

3) Advice to share

Family is important to me, I’m a proud mother and grandmother. A home is where the family gathers, that makes it a lot more than just a building. Getting the right home for the right family is my passion and I take what I do seriously. It is my job to make the journey of leaving a home or finding a new home as easy as possible for everyone by providing a professional service in matching the buyer’s and seller’s requirements and making the deal possible. I believe in giving the client the service they deserve, and I believe my success is driven through a sustained effort to be fair and honest with all the people I deal with. This has been proven to me repeatedly in my real estate career. In the end it’s not just about the money but the satisfaction of finding the right home for the right family.

This paid feature is part of the Property Professional Special Feature for Women’s Month August 2019.

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