‘I fell in love with real estate’ – Cynthia Machaba

‘I fell in love with real estate’ – Cynthia Machaba


‘I fell in love with real estate’
– Cynthia Machaba

After obtaining several years of experience Cynthia Machaba knew she was ready to launch her own real estate company, Cyn Mac Properties in Soshanguve near Pretoria. She hopes her success will inspire more young people, especially women.

In 2008 Cynthia came to Pretoria with her husband and their children. She went looking for a job at a retail supermarket as she had several years’ experience working as a cashier. When that didn’t work out, she approached a real estate agency to find out if she could work as a cleaner – instead they saw her potential and offered her the position of intern real estate agent.

Today she is a qualified real estate facilitator, assessor and principal (MPRE). Her dream she says is to make sure that she encourages and motivates young people, especially young women, who have an interest in real estate to work hard and never give up on their dream to achieve success in this industry.

1) My journey in property

After the real estate office took me in as an intern, I completed my 12 months internship and also did my NQF Level 4. I learned so much that I fell in love with real estate.

In 2012 I got another job at a property developing company. There I also learned a lot. In 2017, I got another job at a real estate company where I began and completed my NQF Level 5, and I also completed my PDE 4.

In 2018 I registered my company when I realised I had gained enough experience to run my own company. I also successfully completed my PDE 5 in May 2019. I hope to inspire other young women and show them that it is possible.

2) Lessons I’ve learned

* Honesty is the key. Dishonesty always catches up with you. In real estate, as in life, you need to be truthful with everyone.

* There is no growth in comfort. It was not easy to get where I am today, but it is worth it. Every knock and hardship is a potential lesson for growth.

* You will never realise the worth of studies until it helps you in practical situations. You can never go wrong if you empower yourself through studies.

3) Advice to share

If it is easy, it does not pay. If you get the opportunity, stay focused, work hard and know that it is only possible if you really want it bad enough.

This paid feature is part of the Property Professional Special Feature for Women’s Month August 2019.

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