A first for business owners and transformation

A first for business owners and transformation

MAIN IMAGE: Jan le Roux, CE of Rebosa; Adrian Harris, CEO of Charter Academy; Steven Ngubeni; PPRA Board Chairman

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Rebosa has launched Rebosa Business Leader (“RBL”), an entrepreneurial programme designed to equip all prospective and current business owners with the necessary business skills to become operationally successful in the real estate industry. RBL is for all prospective business owners who want to reach their full potential and become successful entrepreneurs.

The RBL was conceptualised by Rebosa’s CE Jan le Roux and has been in development for the past two years. “I have always wanted to launch a property type ‘MBA’ that transfers skills and lays a strong foundation for the aspirant business owner to build a successful business on. After months of development, negotiations and fundraising I’m pleased that this day has finally arrived”, he said.

Le Roux described RBL as “a life-changing experience for the aspirant property business owner”.  Successful applicants will be joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, thought leaders and successful property professionals. They will have the opportunity to build relationships and expand their networks while developing the necessary skills and confidence to make an impact in both their professional and personal life”.

Rebosa has partnered with Charter Academy to produce and deliver the RBL. “It was crucial to find the right implementation partner. As a 100% black owned and managed training provider with a faculty of prominent academic staff and respected industry experts, they were the obvious choice,” said Le Roux.

Adrian Harris, CEO of Charter Academy said: “Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any country’s innovation, economic growth, and creation of jobs. We are delighted that through this partnership with Rebosa, we can deliver rich learning content to promising property practitioners that will help them develop the necessary skills and idea generation to propel their businesses and careers to the next level.

Harris describes the RBL as “designed along the lines of a property boot camp”. The curriculum consists of a 5-month theoretical component covering key entrepreneurship skills and business drivers for success in the property sector. This is followed by a 3-month mentored practical application which will provide a step-by-step guide on how to implement a business toolkit unique to the RBL. The final leg of the course culminates with a business plan presentation that candidates get to present to a panel of selected experts. The practical component not only reinforces the cognitive gains made during the theoretical component, it expedites and fast tracks the development of black entrepreneurs within the sector.

The PP Act requires the Authority to open a Property Sector Transformation Fund (“PSTF”) and utilise the fund in a manner that will promote black owned firms and principals, encourage the participation of historically disadvantaged groups within the property sector and promote awareness of property transactions and business undertakings.  The RBL will enhance the business acumen of Black individuals who qualify for support from this fund.

Currently, only 25% of the country’s registered 43 334 agents are from the previously disadvantaged groups and only 14% of the 8 266 principals are Black. (Source: EAAB 2020/21 AR).  Encouraging Black business ownership is a key enabler for industry transformation and necessary to achieve economic growth.

As part of its strategy to advance industry transformation, Rebosa secured R560 000 in bursary funding for 20 practising agents to complete the RBL.  Bursaries will be awarded to registered Black business owners who meet the qualifying criteria. “I believe the RBL is a catalyst for meaningful transformation and a powerful means to building a new generation of Black property leaders”, says Le Roux.

Commenting on the launch of the RBL, Steven Ngubeni – Chairman of the PPRA board which is responsible for establishing the PSTF – said, “As the PPRA, we have prioritised the transformation agenda in the real estate practice. Helping to accelerate the progression of Black business owners in the industry is paramount to transformation and growth. I congratulate Rebosa for taking the first step to bring about meaningful change through their RBL bursary.”

“Looking forward, it will be those agents who have the vision and grit to deal with a changing environment and are adequately prepared, who will be the most successful” says Le Roux. RBL participants will be exposed to greater levels collaboration. Aside from the formal training component they will have access to an eco-system of dedicated mentors, thought leaders and successful business owners to help them take their business and career to the next level.

Companies who pay for their agents to participate in the RBL will be able to earn valuable points on the skills development and entrepreneurship elements of the BEE scorecard. Charter Academy is a level 1 B-BBEE contributor with a procurement recognition of 135%.

The cost of the RBL is R28 000 ex VAT.

For more information download our brochure on www.rebosa.co.za or email info@rebosa.co.za

*The term “Black” includes African, Indian, and Coloured people, as defined in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Act of 2013.

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    Why are white agents excluded, sorry Rebosa, strategically not a good stance.

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