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Chas Everitt campaign takes silver at the New Gen Awards

Chas Everitt campaign takes silver at the New Gen Awards

Staff writer

MAIN IMAGE: Berry Everitt, CEO of Chas Everitt International property group

In the fiercely competitive South African real estate industry, the Chas Everitt International property group wanted a campaign to set them apart in a crowded marketplace.

The campaign that delivered on this brief made Chas Everitt stand out head and shoulders above other industry players and resulted in a New Generation Digital and Social Media award win for Stratitude, Chas Everitt’s marketing agency. 

Considering the campaign behind the entry, taking home silver in the “Most Innovative Social and Digital Media Campaign by a Small Agency” category was well deserved.

“Creatively, we had to consider how to position them in a saturated industry landscape, with the market’s focus on transactional marketing and a lack of emphasis on brand building. Our mission was clear: develop a campaign that would strike an emotional chord with the audience while firmly establishing the Chas Everitt brand,” says Sylvia Zanetti, Lead Strategist and MD of Stratitude.

At the core of the Chas Everitt GO brand campaign lies a powerful and emotionally resonant creative concept – the recognition that purchasing a home transcends a mere transaction; it’s a profound journey of individuals realising their dreams.

“This concept perfectly aligned with our positioning as the real estate company that not only comprehends the significance of the life-changing decision made when purchasing a property but also reinforced our commitment to being a trusted guide for our customers throughout the transformative process,” says Berry Everitt, CEO of Chas Everitt International property group.

The approach humanises the real estate experience, going beyond property and finances to explore home buyers’ and sellers’ aspirations, desires and dreams. The campaign, which was predominantly digitally focused, underpinned the fact that Chas Everitt understands that a home is not merely a structure; it’s the canvas upon which individuals paint their life stories. “By spotlighting this human element, we differentiated Chas Everitt in an industry often perceived as purely transactional,” says Zanetti.

The campaign was rolled out across all digital platforms, with content crafted to convey the concept on a national, regional and branch level. This made this campaign a perfect entry in the “innovative” category. 

“We worked closely with the Chas Everitt national brand team but then took a deep dive into creating tailored campaigns for offices on a local level – thereby taking a brand campaign and making it relevant to local buyers and sellers.

“Also central to the campaign concept was empowerment. It conveys that Chas Everitt is more than a real estate agency; it’s a partner in making dreams come true. Whether clients are transitioning to a new neighbourhood, a different province or relocating internationally, Chas Everitt stands by them every step of the way. It amplifies the message that the group doesn’t just sell properties; it facilitates life-changing decisions,” continues Zanetti.

“The campaign has impacted our business by unifying our teams nationwide and internationally to drive one brand promise across all our digital platforms. This is no small feat, but partnering with Stratitude has made that all possible,” says Everitt.

The Chas Everitt GO brand campaign redefines real estate marketing, forging deep emotional connections with the audience and solidifying Chas Everitt as the ultimate guide in pursuing dreams.

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