Be the first to do a neighbourhood video

Be the first to do a neighbourhood video

One of the most effective ways for you to compete with big name, big budget companies is to unleash the power that’s right in your own backyard. Your secret weapon? Neighbourhood video marketing says Christian Fourie, CEO of Capture Media.

As reported earlier by Property Professional video is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your agency’s visibility on the web. Watching a video keeps people for longer on your website and lets your site rank higher in online searches.

Property marketing videos with a neighbourhood focus could attract more views because there aren’t so many agents that publish neighbourhood videos yet. This means that doing a video on a neighbourhood or specific area could increase your chances of people finding your video when doing an online search of an area that they are moving to.

Thousands of people move every year, many moving to new cities or towns or even a different province. Last year Statistics SA said it was estimated that Gauteng could see more than 1.5 million people moving to the province within the next four years and almost half a million moving to the Western Cape during the same period. Gauteng and the Eastern Cape were also the two provinces with the largest outflow of people.

“Moving house is a stressful experience at the best of times,” says Fourie, “but the stress is multiplied when moving to a different location altogether.” People want to know what the place is like where they are moving too and the web is most likely the place where most of them will do their research prior to moving.

They will want to know about schools, what are there in terms of shops, recreation activities, community life, medical care etc.

There are many neighbourhood videos from the US to watch and learn from. For a local example, you can watch this video done by Capture Media for Seeff in Constantia in the Western Cape ( – in the video estate agent Priscilla Young first give viewers a bit of background about the area and the type of lifestyle possible in its’ scenic surrounds before she begins to market specific properties. Her target audience are people looking for an upmarket lifestyle in beautiful nature surroundings with easy access to great restaurants, shops and excellent schools.

As Fourie says, “Restaurants, flower shops, dental office, dry cleaners, hospital, schools, golf course, beach … the video should take your prospective client on a journey where he/she makes an emotional connection with the area to see where he can fit in and build a life”.

For more information, contact Fourie on 083 266 0599 or email or visit the Capture Videos website

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